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Team work is better than homework.

Ok, some kids love homework and that’s great of course. But team work is something we all know is vital to many aspects of our lives, especially as we get older and enter the work force. Finding ways to motivate kids, especially during school holidays can be a nightmare. Kids have so much energy and they can be demanding when it’s not expended in some way. Sitting on the couch with a Playstation control in hand, or staring for hours at the screen of a smartphone doesn’t fulfil that physical need. And youth group ideas can be difficult to find.

At Delta Force Paintball we provide a safe, energetic learning environment for all who come and play. And it’s not just give a kid a paintball gun and unleash them to run riot through the forest blasting away willy nilly either. Yes, we know that’s what many other paintball companies do but that doesn’t happen at Delta Force.


Our professional handing of your children’s day begins when they arrive and we issue every player our safety equipment. From the full head goggle system, neck protection, lightweight body armour and full length camouflaged overalls. These items have been custom designed by our team and constantly improved to keep up with the latest technology and safety regulations. Our safety standards are unparalleled in the industry.
Our marshals are all well trained in our safety policies and how to excite and motivate the players. Our senior staff have first aid qualifications and every game is overseen by the industry’s best marshal to player ratios.

So then, safety taken care of. Check. What about learning? Once we have checked the players safety gear is correctly fitted and in place, and they have been sufficiently schooled in our safety policies, how to use their paintball gun and the game rules; they head for the game zones. It’s here, among the amazing medieval castle, haunted graveyard or city fuel depot that they discover we provide more than just a place to play. Each team will be given specific objectives to achieve and our marshals will give the players tips on how to help their team achieve their goals. They’ll learn that everyone needs to pull their weight on the battlefield. They’ll learn to risk their own ‘life’ for the good of the team or provide vital support to a team mate who is under fire from the enemy. They’ll learn to bond, devise and implement strategies as they lead and follow. All this happens in the midst of the excitement and adrenaline of a paintball battle. They are learning out there and don’t even realise it.

When the days combat is over, we’ll give them back worn out, safe and still excitedly recounting their tales of heroism months and years later.

Whether you have a school, church, sport or youth group, Delta Force Paintball is the world’s most trusted paintball games provider and your best choice. Fun, exercise and learning all in one.

Please note: Delta Force Paintball has set the minimum age for paintball at 8 yrs. All players under the age of 14 should have a parent or guardian remain on-site with them.

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