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Weekend Warriors


Weekends belong to warriors.

Weekend warriors are those who like to spend every weekend they can rampaging through the paintball fields taking on the enemy with every breath they have. They often visit multiple paintball centres in the search for new adventure on the battlefield. Constant excitement is their lifeblood.

If this sounds like you, and you haven’t yet taken on the amazing game zones and structured mission objectives at a Delta Force Paintball centre then it’s about time you did.


On arrival and after registration you’ll receive any combat gear you need if you haven’t arrived fully equipped with your own. As an experienced player you are welcome to help prepare your fellow team members and new friends for the day. Maybe give them the benefit of your strategy knowledge before the safety brief and the fighting begins.

On the field, our fully trained marshals will soon assess if you need any tips or help or whether you are better left to your own devices out there. We are there to help, not hinder after all.

What you don’t find at most other paintball fields you’ve played at is the high level of design and workmanship that goes into setting up a game map. Many are movie-themed with huge structures and buildings to play in and around, not hay bales, pallets and rusting car bodies. Neither are you simply given a patch of forest to play in where the action is infrequent and hard to find. Nothing like struggling for ages to find a target only to get sniped out of the game the moment you lift your weapon. That won’t happen at Delta Force Paintball. The action is always full on and right there waiting for you to engage. High energy, adrenaline missions is what you want and what we provide.

So if you have a weekend warrior already inside, or one wanting to be discovered, then book in and get yourself and your weekend warrior mates down to your nearest Delta Force Paintball centre and show us what you’ve got.