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Hen Parties


Girls? Hen parties? Paintball?

Thought paintball was just for the boys did you? Think again. Every week we get high numbers of female players at Delta Force Paintball centres globally. And Canadian women are no exception. It’s amazing what a great equaliser a well constructed paintball experience can be. The boys aren’t going to run rampant over the girls at Delta Force. Our custom designed safety gear and professionally trained marshals see to that.

It’s not 1950 anymore. Girls don’t sit around having glorified tea gatherings for hens parties now. Hell no. A full night of dancing, drinking and singing is far more likely now. But lets face it. When you describe the hens party to those who couldn’t be there in years to come, it’s going to sound like everyone else’s night isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be. And as Maiden of Honour, isn’t it your duty to make sure she never forgets this day?


Bruises. You’re worried about bruises right? We can’t have the wedding party covered in dark blotches and welts! And with Delta Force Paintball you won’t be because we supply you with a full system of safety gear designed to cover and protect you from head to foot. Our body armour is lightweight and impervious to paintball impacts. You’ll know you’ve been hit still, but the paintball will be completely stopped from hitting your skin (front and back), under the vest. No pain. No marks. Our 100% safety record equals plenty of safe excitement.

Your safety and protection doesn’t stop there though. A full head goggle system and full length camouflaged overalls keep the rest of you safe as well. Don’t let that stop you producing an outfit to make her stand out or hiring one of our outrageous onesies for her if you want. We want her day to be special right? She should be the centre of attention right? We should all get to laugh with her and at her expense right? Of course we should. But hey, if the bride to be wants to play in nothing more than an old wedding dress or even bikini then who are we to stop her on her special day. We will insist on the full head gear and enclosed footwear though. Rules are rules.

Hens parties are quite common at Delta Force Centres, and why not when you can have a better day than the boys who usually just get drunk and fall over in pubs for their stag parties. Maybe convince the groom to be’s best man to think about joining the stag do with the girls in one wild day of paintballing instead. Either way, when you get back home, get showered and head out for an evening of dancing and girl talk, you’ll have some awesome stories to laugh about from your amazing day of paintball.

Call our friendly event coordinators now and they’ll answer all your questions and help you design the wildest hens outing yet.

Please note: No illicit drugs or alcohol are allowed by law on paintball centres