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Corporate Groups


Building a strong team.

It’s well documented that treating your corporate team to the right fun, external activity is a great motivator. Good corporate party ideas give the employees appreciation for their employer and returns increases in productivity and commitment from your workforce. Go karting is a common choice, as an example, but activities like this do little to help build other facets important to any corporate team.

Paintball does. Over the years, paintball has become more and more popular as a valid and useful choice for the deserving employer wanting to increase team bonding, provide incentive rewards or simply say thank you to the team for hard work and great results. Staff that feel as though their efforts are noticed and appreciated by the boss definitely produces huge rises in the personal and professional commitment of every employee.



Paintball with Delta Force fits this prospect very well. Your team won’t just be set loose on some patch of forest to randomly shoot at anything that moves. They’ll be separated into teams that will need to work cohesively to attain specific objectives our fully trained staff provide. You, as the employer can ensure that certain members of your staff have specific roles in order to gain the trust and support of those who are also reliant on them back in the office. It’s in these pressure situations where the true leaders of your employ will shine. Your corporate team will be learning and depending on each other all while having the time of their lives.

Tell someone you went go-karting and you’ll get a “Uh huh” in return. Tell them you went paintballing and the response will be “Wow! Really? What was it like?” It’s something that will give your employees great stories to tell, but will also remember for a very long time. And they’ll remember who made it possible.

We have an Armoured Invasion, a haunted graveyard, medieval castle and other fantastic game maps just waiting for your team to conquer. Organising the paint balling adventure for your corporate team day is as simple as calling our booking line and chatting to our friendly event coordinators who will help you decide how to get the best from the day and get that paintball rolling.