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Birthday party paintball


Birthday paintball parties with a difference.

Delta Force hosts several birthday paintball parties at our centres every week around the globe. Kids and adults alike don’t want the usual run of the mill birthday party anymore. They are wanting something that sticks in their friends minds and becomes the excited subject of choice at school or work. Celebrating the event at Delta Force Paintball will ensure a memorable day out for all.

All our birthday boys and girls are treated like royalty too. The centre staff will make sure they are the centre of attention on their big day so that they have the time of their lives. You’ll have your personal time of course, but the atmosphere is always electric as even other groups playing on the same day all enjoy the partying your group and Delta Force provide.

birthday paintball parties

A day to remember

Imagine the ongoing stories in the ride home later in the day as your special birthday player recounts the excitement of being the hero during the Armoured Invasion field or being protected and rescued from the castle.

And rest assured that no safety is compromised to provide the extreme levels of fun and excitement either. Everybody is equipped with our custom designed safety gear and our marshals ensure everyone follows the safety rules. They also make sure the lucky birthday boy or girl gets that extra special attention during the day. You’ll get your tired group back, elated, maybe a little dirty but definitely safe and sound.

So, why destroy your own home with all the birthday rubbish and goings on? Let us take care of that. You just turn up, have a great time and go home. So easy!

To book in an amazing birthday at a Delta Force Paintball centre simply book or call our friendly event coordinators. Our team is available 24/7 and they’ll help make that special day come true and be remembered for a lifetime.

birthday party paintball