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Average Joes Playing Paintball


Just your average joe playing paintball.

We often find that people thinking of paintball are concerned about who they might be playing with, or what type of person paintball at all. The answer to this query depends on the company you choose to play with and how they market their business and the resources they provide.

At Delta Force Paintball anyone is welcome. However, due to our marketing, by far the most common type of player is simply your average joe. These are people who are not paintball fanatics but rather first timers or occasional players. We do get players who return to play on our amazing game zones many times per year, but these weekend warriors are not the norm.


So what is an average joe? Just about anybody! Both male and female as teens, adults and grandparents in most age groups, sizes and fitness levels. Our safety gear and procedures, combined with our game objectives and all watched over by professionally trained marshals makes our brand of paintball accessible to all.

We don’t expect you to arrive at our centres as an average joe and have experience or extensive knowledge of paintball. And you don’t need it either. We’ll show you the ropes before anybody is unleashed to wage war on the battlefields. You’ll be fully adversed with your safety equipment, paintball gun and game rules before the games begin. All that and your camouflaged combat suit, body armour and full head protection will give you the confidence to storm the castle or launch a frontal attack on the tank armada every time.

We love catering to average joes at Delta Force Paintball. Our marshals revel in watching everybody transforming from civilian into fighting machine over the course of the day.

So don’t worry, whether you are a first timer, occasional player or someone who likes to play regularly, Delta Force has the paintball experience to suit you.