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Paintball Fields

Cool paintball fields in Sherwood Park, Edmonton.

Located less than 25 minutes from downtown Edmonton, Delta Force Paintball Sherwood Park is situated in a paintball friendly environment. This amazing outdoor paintball centre has a selection of themed paintball fields which attract many paintballers in the Edmonton region. And with the standard of service, playing fields and facilities on offer here, it’s little wonder. Professional staff will guide you through a day of paintball combat fantasy available only at Delta Force. After a day of action and adventure, you’ll leave wanting to return over and over.

Live out an epic paintball experience at Sherwood Park as you attempt to storm the Castle, take on the Armoured Invasion or face up to the Resident Evil in the graveyard! You’ll play all of these scenarios and more on your full-day paintball adventure at Sherwood Park.

Even the cold and dreariness of winter has a fight on it’s hands with our warming technologies. Our infrastructure has helped us to stay open longer and open earlier each season then our competitors. Movie-set game zones, you, your friends and our world leading brand of paintball are sure to combine for the paintball experience of a lifetime.

Base Camp Base Camp is paintball warrior HQ for your special paintball day. Here’s the pace to relax, strategise, and party.

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Making Tracks. On our Armoured Invasion field you will find yourself and your team faced with the challenge of eliminating your enemy from their hidden positions and tank support. Charging head long into the line of fire will surely end in your paintball death. A more strategical solution may be needed. Will you be the…

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Grave Dangers. This time your team arrives in a place of mystery and legend. Many days walk from any civilisation, the haunted graveyard hides a resident evil spoken of only in tribal stories passed down from father to son. There is danger here. The legends speak of flesh eating, undead and mere mortals rarely survive…

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Protect the Kingdom. This is a mission of control. As your armed forces move forward toward victory, your team is sent ahead to secure a strategically vital site. An old medieval castle stands as a convenient fortress in your path. Taking the castle and holding it until more allies arrive will be a huge bonus in…

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The shadows are not your friend. Jungle warfare is the domain of the specialist. Silence is paramount as your team carries out what will not be a routine patrol. The shadows, vines and undergrowth belong to the enemy. They have invaded and made this dense jungle their home. You and your comrades are the intruders…

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Last man standing! Your team is one of specially trained anti-terrorists and one of the worst scenarios you may ever need to face is unfolding. A huge, multi-faceted terror attack has begun all around the city and you and your squad have arrived at the city’s fuel and chemical depot. The workers here call it…

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