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Paintball Masks


Full Protection Paintball Masks.

For much of our 25+ year history Delta Force Paintball has been an industry leader in many facets of our operations. We aren’t just the biggest in the business, we are the most trusted because we are always looking for ways to improve the experience for our customers. It wasn’t long before we realised that paintball game operators were not providing head protection we felt was necessary to ensure complete safety. With more players coming through our gates than any other in the industry, designing our own safety equipment seemed like a sound investment. The current incarnation is a full head helmet and goggle set that also meshes with our custom designed neck protection on our combat suits to provide total protection of your head and neck.

The 360 degree protection comes from the lightweight and pliable helmet with adjustable neck plate and anti-fog goggles. Complete with maximum ventilation for comfort and breathing, these unique paintball masks give you plenty of confidence on the game zones.


These technologically advanced masks are our most important item of safety and are issued free to every player at Delta Force. We won’t have anybody disadvantaged or at risk.

FAQs on paintball masks:

Q: Why doesn’t every paintball operator have their own full head protection masks?

A: As they cost many times more than outdated goggles many paintball operators simply cannot afford to make the investment or prefer to take the risk with your safety.

Q: Why are full head goggle systems particularly important for younger players?

A: The danger of a facial paintball strike must be eliminated. Our paintball masks have a ‘top’ meaning that the goggles cannot possibly slip down. Inferior masks risk this possibility amongst persons with smaller head sizes. The chinstrap on our system equally prevents the goggles from being lifted accidentally. Our marshals constant check that these are correctly fitted.

Q: Are full head masks going to make me hot?

A: The helmets element of our masks are made of hard but pliable plastic plates. Each plate is fully articulated and has the the maximum possible number of ventilation slots. Therefore our masks are no more hot to use than the old-fashioned versions.

Q: Do they steam-up?

A: Our masks are exceptionally well ventilated and equipped with proprietary ‘anti-fog’ lenses. The lenses are very resistant to steaming up, but if they do, we have a de-mist solution available in the base camp.