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Paintball Guns


Down the barrel.

The FT-12 paintball guns at Delta Force Paintball will help you to achieve accuracy and give you the firepower you need to go into battle with confidence.

From a world renowned manufacturer, these paintball guns offer the latest in the field of paintball technology. And you get one issued as your standard weapon for your day of outdoor paintballing action.

Tippmann FT-12

A robust, well-finished and semi-automatic, each of our paintball guns is meticulously maintained by our team of gunsmiths who are proud of their work. All players reap the reward of playing with a lightweight, rapid firing paintball marker that is reliable during the heat of combat.

Whether you are a patient, sniper type or an unleash hell on anything that moves type of soldier, this gun will satisfy your paintballing needs.

The ultimate paintballing experience for everyone means playing with Delta Force Paintball.