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Paintball Body Suit


Neck To Foot Protection.

As part of our complete safety system, free to every player with their entry fee, we provide you with our custom designed, full length camouflaged combat suit as part of your paintball armoury. Extra padding has been designed into the neck collar to stop those errant shots trying to sneak under our full head paintball mask. If you’ve ever been struck in the neck with a paintball you’ll appreciate our attention to keeping you safe and comfortable out there. It’s just one point of difference between us and our competitors.

Paintball Armoury

This suit is not a compulsory piece of gear though and you could choose to wear a pink ballet dress if you wanted. Your call. As long as you have a proper paintball mask on and enclosed footwear, you can go into paintball combat wearing pretty much what you want. For the best protection though we recommend sticking to our suit.

The full length arms and legs help prevent you getting poked by any sticks or branches around our natural terrain game zones. Great protection gives great confidence to help you get the most from your high voltage day of paintball action.

Unlike some other paintball operators, every Delta Force Paintball body suit is sent out to be professionally laundered before anyone else is issued them. If you’ve ever stepped into someone else’s sweaty paintball suit you’ll appreciate playing with us and enjoying a truly professional experience.