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Paintball Armour


Paintball Armour Protection.

If there’s one thing that makes people reluctant to play paintball it’s the fear of being struck by paintballs and it hurting. At Delta Force that isn’t something you need fear at all.  Every player gets our torso protection in the form of our body armour FREE with your entry! This custom-designed paintball body armour gives you the confidence to enjoy your day in complete comfort and safety.

The lightweight design reduces the impact of paintballs to your upper torso, without impeding your movement. Unafraid of incoming paintballs, you can then charge the bunker, take out the enemy and free those hostages!

Paintball Armour

The design and manufacture of the body armour was commissioned by Delta Force. The protective vest design comprises of multiple rigid plastic plates contained in a soft, flexible outer layer. To avoid a build up of body heat, the protective plates and flexible skin are well ventilated.

This essential piece of safety equipment helps those with less confidence previously to now play and enjoy paintball. In full kit, you’ll surprise even yourself out on the paintball battlefields knowing you won’t be hurt. Come on down and take a look.