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Paintball Ammo Packs


Loaded and ready!

Every player receives a paintball ammo battle-pack FREE with their entry to our Delta Force Paintball centre. These paintball ammo belts give players the capability to carry an additional 400 paintballs, which is ideal for those scenarios with intense fighting where you need to access your ammo and reload in the heat of combat. Also providing extra protection around your midriff, these paintball ammo packs are essential for those players with a trigger-happy finger or find themselves pinned down and need to fight their way out. Fill them up and go into battle ready for anything.

Paintball Ammo


The quick reloading paintball ammo pack by Delta Force is just another initiative designed to make your day of outdoor action a paintball experience that stands out from the crowd.

Delta Force ammunition packs… just another extra reason to play with the world’s largest operator of paintball games!

Come on down and take a look at how it works.