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Edmonton’s Sherwood Park Ready For Season Opening 2016

What a paintball season we had in 2015! It was an exciting year and our Sherwood Park centre was the star of the Edmonton paintballing community if we are to believe the feedback and testimonials received from happy players. The centre ran longer than other outdoor paintball fields last year and now it’s opening earlier too! 2 April 2016 is day one for the start of the paintball season for Delta Force Sherwood Park, and, after another freezing winter we are glad to see it.

If you’ve never been to this paintball centre you are missing out. The location is set in a natural woodland environment and every seasonal change brings a new dimension to the game maps. On a full day of paintball there you will get amongst the tanks and guard towers on one field and then fight to defend the castle from the battlements. Zombies rule the haunted graveyard as you shoot through the headstones to survive. There’s plenty more also. A jungle field as well as a fuel depot to name a couple.

So, if you are raring for some awesome outdoor action around Edmonton, pick up the phone and book in a wild paintball adventure with the world’s most trusted paintball provider. You’ll be safe in the hands of the most professional paintball referees in the industry and be playing on Edmonton’s best paintball fields.

To book simply call 1-800-568-8909 24 hours, 7 days and we’ll provide you a paintball experience like no other.

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Posted in Media, News on 16th March 2016

Last updated 9th June 2016