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What to wear for paintball


Arriving prepared.

Knowing what to wear for paintball with Delta Force helps you to arrive prepared and confident you won’t be caught short.

Your Sunday Best

Yeh, lets leave that at home shall we? Out in the great outdoors, loose fitting, comfortable clothing that suits the expected temperatures is far more sensible. You’ll be supplied with a neck to ankle combat suit to wear if you wish over your clothes. No sense in causing yourself extra laundry when we’ll do it for you right? Having a change of clothes for the drive home is also a good idea.


Only fully enclosed footwear is allowed on the fields. Our safety policy insists on it as there are too many natural obstacles such as sticks and rocks. The best choice is a light boot with good ankle support and plenty of grip however, many players simply play happily in their old running shoes.
Paintball Gear

Keeping Up The Fuel

We have an on-site kiosk to buy drinks and snacks from if you need and picnic tables scattered around our base camp. By all means bring your own food along or order a pizza for lunch when you arrive. Energy comes from food and drink so be prepared.

Hand Protection

Your hands are often at the forefront during the battle. As you point your gun towards the enemy, it’s your hands that often cop the incoming rounds. And a speeding paintball to a clenched fist can bring a few tears to an eye. If you don’t have suitable gloves to bring along, for a small cost, we supply specially designed paintball gloves. These gloves have armour protection to stop those strikes to your hands hurting and are yours to keep.

Thinking Ahead

We would love to be able to let people know how many paintballs they will use during a full day of play with us. Unfortunately every player is different. Those with a small budget or who are simply shy on the field will not use many paintballs at all. In contrast, some people are more excitable, have more money or are simply a born to be ‘weekend warrior’ and will literally go through thousands of rounds. It’s sad to see players who have thoroughly enjoyed their mornings missions having to pack up and head home before playing on the other game zones or taking part in the ‘Big Game’. If your finances allow, factor in a little bit extra just in case. We have great discount packages you can talk to our staff about upon arrival or when you call to book your day.


All Delta Force Paintball centres are drug and alcohol free zones. Due to firearm laws, no illicit drugs or any alcohol whatsoever may be brought to our centres at any time. Persons found under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to enter by law. No paintball guns, ammo or cash are stored on site.