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The Paint Ball Day


A paint ball day at Delta Force.

Rambo Chopper at Delta Force paintball TsawwassenYour big day arrives. You and your friends are ready for an epic day of high velocity action. But how does it all work? Check out our guide to your paint ball day at Edmonton.

Short version is you check in, get your kit, listen to a quick talk and go shoot paintballs around. Have lunch, shoot some more paintballs, watch the end of day presentations and head home just buzzing with the excitement of an amazing day.

Read on if you need to know more.

After arriving, hand in your registration forms (if you downloaded and completed them prior to save yourself time) or fill them out on arrival. Move through into the base camp where you’ll be issued your combat gear. You can now find a spot to claim for the day in base camp and get into your safety equipment and fill up your paintball pods. You may choose to buy a snack or even extra paintballs if you wish.

All kitted up (except for your gun) you’ll receive an informative and compulsory safety briefing including a few hints and instruction on your paintball marker (gun). The teams for the day are sorted and before you know it’s time to go into action.

Let the games begin!

When called, your team will file through the gun zone to receive the latest semi-automatic paintball marker. Here you have the chance to fire off a few practice rounds at some targets if you wish. We recommend getting a feel for the gun before the real fighting starts. Your game marshals will lead the two teams through to the game zone where you will face one of our movie-themed playing fields. The marshals explain your objectives and the missions begin!

And now you discover what type of inner soldier you have tucked away inside you. Will you be a ‘rambo’ who energetically takes on all comers and mows them down in a hail of paint? Maybe you are more the silent assassin type, preferring to hide and wait for targets to cross your path. You might be a leader and responsible for the winning strategy, or happy to follow orders and provide support fire. Whoever you are on the battlefield, now you will find out.

After a few missions on a couple of different game maps it’s time for a lunch break. Eat food you’ve brought along or ordered on arrival, or get a snack from our on-site kiosk. Recharge a little, discuss some new strategies, buy more paintballs if you’ve underestimated what your trigger finger was going to do in the heat of battle and prepare for an afternoon of more excitement. You’ve got some experience now. You know this game is both thrilling yet doesn’t hurt. Bring on the new missions.

Games run throughout the day, so the afternoon session is not to be missed. You get to enjoy new missions and objectives as well as the Big Game at the end of the day. It’s an ‘all in’ affair, often across multiple game zones. It’s an amazing experience!

When the paint stops flying and you are back in base camp after the days action is over, there is a presentation session. Top scoring teams receive awards and and several individuals will receive their Top Gun awards for bravery and strategic moves in the face of incoming fire.

With adrenaline still flowing, and you all wanting to return for another awesome day at Delta Force Paintball, it’s time to pile into the cars and head for home. Another memorable day etched into your own personal history.