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How Safe Is Paintball?


100% Safety Record!

How safe is paintball? In some areas of the world, paintball is represented by paintball game providers with poor standards in safety. Images posted online by people not observing sensible practices show nasty welts as badges of honour. It no wonder then, that those unfamiliar with paintball are tentative about how safe it is. So what is the answer? How safe IS paintball?

The answer depends entirely on the paintball games provider you choose to play with.

Delta Force Paintball safety standards, procedures, staff training and equipment are the industry’s highest. With a 100% safety record, custom designed equipment and a reputation for being the safest and best value for money; paintball with Delta Force is safer than most other sports in general. Broken limbs, strains, sprains and concussions are commonplace in sports such as football. Yet, although by playing paintball with Delta Force the occasional bruise or scratch is not out of the question, you are more likely to suffer only some sweating and laughter by comparison.

how safe is paintball at Delta force - 100%

Our safety standards

We achieve this remarkable outcome with a multi-faceted system of safety which encompasses several key components.

  • Safety Equipment (all offered as free hire with every player’s entry)
  • Head protection – Full head helmet and goggle set which includes anti fog lenses, flexible side intrusion and neck protection.
  • Abdomen protection – A vest of 1cm impact resistant foam covers each player’s chest and back.
  • Full length combat suit – A fully laundered and camouflaged coverall with added neck protection.
  • Paintball Gun  – State-of-the-art latest semi-automatic paintball marker (free hire with every player’s entry).

Our Safety Policy

  • Head shots do not count at Delta Force so not to encourage players to shoot at each others heads.
  • Goggles must stay on. When in the game zones, all players must keep their goggles on and adjusted correctly. This rule can not be broken and marshals will enforce the rule strictly.
  • Our Safety Talk is compulsory for every player and no games are played or guns issued until this is complete and the marshals are satisfied everyone understands.

Staff Training

  • We have a dedicated safety training course all our staff must complete and receive refreshers on in order to ensure we provide the safest environment possible.
  • We have a set ratio of marshals to players so we maintain enough help on hand to maintain our high levels of playing experience and safety. A minimum of two marshals are always present for every game.
  • All our paintball centre managers and senior staff have current first aid qualifications.

Our safety policy has been developed over our 25+ years providing paintball games. We regularly invest in the custom design and manufacturing process of equipment, in addition to the consistent, recognised training of our staff. We take your safety, and our reputation as the safest in our industry, very seriously.

How safe is paintball with Delta Force Paintball? 100% safe!