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Usain Bolt At Delta Force Paintball

When the world’s top celebrities beat a path to your door to enjoy your product you know you are doing something right. Entertaining ‘A-list’ celebs is something we’ve done for much of our 25+ years in operation. And when we get people such as the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, keep returning to play paintball with us, we take that as a positive sign.

Celebrities are used to having the best of everything, so when it comes to paintball, they choose Delta Force. We are even the choice of royalty! Princes Harry and William have played with us on several occasions. F1 world champions seek us out also in the form of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, both of whom are satisfied returning customers also. High praise from drivers who are used to an extreme adrenaline sport of their own.

It doesn’t stop there of course. We have a long list of stars from stage and screen who have chosen Delta Force Paintball for their escape, bonding or just plain fun needs. What these celebrities don’t realise is that we treat all our customers as special guests. We are proud that the level of professionalism we extend to all our players attracts so many famous faces from around the globe to enjoy the highest standards in safety, equipment and experience the paintball industry offers.