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Delta Force Paintball Edmonton

Has successfully made paintball an accessible, affordable and thrilling recreational sport across several continents. Canada was a logical choice with it’s vast areas of natural terrain and outdoor loving population! The world’s largest paintball company has arrived on the Edmonton scene, bringing a new level of play and game zone to the region. No more game zones filled only with pallets, hay bales and old tyres.

Our global experience and resources give us the ability to offer a unique quality of adrenaline charged paintball games that other paintball centres can’t match. More than 5 million players have enjoyed the paintball facility Delta Force way over more than 26 years, so we are confident we can deliver a day of paintball unseen in Edmonton prior to our arrival.

How safe IS paintball? The answer depends entirely on the paintball games provider you choose to play with.

Delta Force Paintball safety standards, procedures, staff training and equipment are the industry’s highest. With a 100% safety record, custom designed safety wear and a reputation as being the safest and best value for money; paintball with Delta Force is safer than most other sports in general.

Delta Force Paintball’s cool paintball fields in Sherwood Park, Edmonton are Armoured Invasion, Resident Evil, The Castle, Jungle Attack and Speedball. Located less than 25 minutes from downtown Edmonton, Delta Force Paintball Sherwood Park is situated in a paintball friendly environment. This amazing outdoor paintball centre has become the choice for many paintballers in the region. And with the standard of service, playing fields and facilities on offer here, it’s little wonder. The professional staff will guide you through a day of paintball combat fantasy available only at Delta Force and leave you wanting to return over and over.

Our attention to detail, our movie quality game maps and our state of the art equipment combine to create a Delta Force Paintball Edmonton experience our customers want to repeat over and over.

Delta Force Paintball has multiple locations across Canada, visit canadapaintballing.ca to find the paintball centre closest to you.